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Fact Brief Writer Opportunity

By May 22, 2023Resources

Gigafact, a nonprofit organization working to counter misinformation and build trust in local media, is seeking part-time fact brief writers to support local newsrooms in addressing unsupported claims. These fact brief writers will join the teams at MinnPost, The Nevada Independent, and Wisconsin Watch to combat misinformation in Nevada and Minnesota. This is the perfect opportunity to make a real impact in journalism by ensuring accurate reporting and countering misinformation with your skills.

Each newsroom may have its specific requirements, but the role of a fact brief writer generally encompasses several key activities. As a fact brief writer, applicants will have the opportunity to:

  1. Research and Identify Unsupported Claims: The primary responsibility of the role will be to conduct thorough research and identify unsupported claims circulating on social media platforms and public forums within your organization’s area of expertise.
  2. Pitch and Assess Potential Fact Brief Claims: The fact brief writer will pitch potential fact brief claims to your editor for assessment. This collaborative process ensures that the most impactful claims are selected for further investigation.
  3. Draft Fact Briefs: Using the Gigafact publishing platform, fact brief writers will draft fact briefs for publication. These briefs will provide clear, concise, and well-supported findings, citing high-quality sources.
  4. Amplify Findings: Fact brief writers will play a crucial role in amplifying fact briefs by sharing them through various channels. This dissemination of accurate information helps combat misinformation and promotes informed discussions.
  5. Participate in Training: Gigafact provides training to enhance team members’ research skills, fact-checking abilities, and effective writing and publishing of fact briefs. This ongoing training ensures that team members are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their role.

At The Nevada Independent, fact brief writers will receive $75 per published fact brief with a desired weekly commitment of 3-5 fact briefs, requiring approximately 10 hours per week.

MinnPost offers competitive pay rates: $25 per hour for writers with professional experience and $17 per hour for beginning writers. The desired weekly commitment for MinnPost is 5-10 hours.

By applying for these positions, you can actively contribute to countering misinformation while making a tangible impact in the field of journalism. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to join reputable news organizations. Seize the chance to combat misinformation and promote accurate reporting by submitting your application today!