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MVJ Seeks Applicants for Counter-Disinformation Program Support Roles

By February 27, 2023Career Opportunities, News

Earlier this year, Military Veterans in Journalism launched our new, non-partisan effort to combat the spread of disinformation and extremism in veteran and military communities. Now, we are seeking applicants for two new positions to help us manage the digital components of this effort.

As part of our new “Fighting Disinformation in Military & Veteran Communities” program, MVJ will hire two new team members for digital marketing and strategy efforts related to the project. These positions will be responsible for online sharing and engagement around the articles produced by our reporting team.

Check out the listings and apply below. Please note: you will need to be logged in on Google to submit an application.

Marketing Manager

MVJ Counter-Disinformation Program

The Marketing Manager for the MVJ Counter-Disinformation Program is responsible for uploading content from the Counter-Disinformation reporting team outside of the MVJ community. Responsibilities include promoting the reporting team’s reporting and relevant information online in online forums to engage with military and veteran community members in various online forums. This person applies critical judgment when distributing information online.

Working on a contract basis, this person will be supervised by the Executive Director and work with the Counter-Disinformation team. This person will also work alongside a strategy consultant to find groups to post reporting in and engage with group members.

Main Duties:

  • Posts promotional content across social media platforms for new stories and information from the reporting team as appropriate
  • Ensures relevant content prepared by the Community Engagement Manager is shared in a timely manner
  • Engages veterans and service members outside of the MVJ community via social media; engages with MVJ members to assist as appropriate
  • Monitors social media engagement and discusses strategy with the Partnerships Director, Community Engagement Manager and Executive Director


  • Knowledge of basic social media posting etiquette on all platforms, including (but not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Dedication to non-partisanship in online posting
  • Demonstration of a calm and cool demeanor in social media engagement; good decision-making skills
  • Efficient and effective communication skills
  • Broad and deep understanding of social media/SEO strategies related to fact-checking content on social networking sites
  • Highly organized, with excellent copywriting and verbal communication skills
  • Team player with good attitude and commitment
  • Knowledge of military and veteran community online content consumption habits.

Time Required: 10-20 hours a week

Social Media Strategy Consultant

MVJ Counter-Disinformation Program

The Social Media Strategy Consultant is responsible for crafting the initial strategy for MVJ’s Community Engagement Manager and this project’s Marketing Manager to follow when spreading project-related reporting. This person will search for and identify online communities of veterans and service members that should be targeted by the Marketing Manager. Responsibilities include conducting thorough research and analysis of online communities and groups and providing general linguistic and design guidance to the Community Engagement Manager and Marketing Manager. This person applies critical judgment when finding these communities and advising on interaction best practices.

Working on a contract basis, this person will be supervised by the Executive Director and work with the Counter-Disinformation team.

Main Duties:

  • Advise the design of social media strategies to achieve project marketing targets
  • Conduct research and analysis of online communities for the Marketing Manager to engage and post in
  • Advise on visual content design practices to employ for the Community Engagement Manager to ensure content is informative and appealing to the target audiences
  • Facilitate communications by conducting initial posts in various groups to gauge response
  • Communicate with fellow professionals via social media to create a strong network to build relationships within these communities
  • Inform MVJ teammates of ongoing adjustments to strategy to integrate and maintain a cohesive social media presence


  • 2-3+ years of experience as a social media strategist or social media manager
  • Hands-on knowledge of using social media for advocacy and spreading awareness
  • An ability to identify target audience preferences and build content to meet them
  • Excellent multitasking skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Time required: 10-20 hours per week