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MVJ has secured more than $20,000 in Poynter Institute online courses for our members to take for free thanks to the generous support of Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

How this is useful:

These courses train you in actionable skills you can put to work immediately. Completing any of these courses also means you receive a certificate from Poynter that you may use to promote your skills on your resume, Linked In, and portfolio site.

Poynter Institute has a treasure trove of training opportunities for journalists of every type. From courses focusing on how to become a better writer to courses on film and broadcast television, Poynter has it all.

What is so great about Poynter:

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies is a global leader in journalism – a non-profit school widely respected in the news media industry. They carry out research on media and provide world-class training for journalists. Getting certified in these programs is a smart decision for any journalist.

What classes are available:

Newsroom Readiness Certificate: Get ready for your first newsroom job by covering the basics of newsgathering, interviewing, media law, ethics and diversity

A Reporters’ Guide to Getting it Right: Learn how to secure accuracy and fairness in your reporting, well-before your deadline

MediaWise Fact-checking 101: Learn from tools and techniques you can use to fact-check information online and sort fact from fiction across social media platforms

TV News Toolbox for Educators: Bring duPont, Peabody and national Emmy award-winners from local and network news into your classroom with this collection of 38 microlearning activities

The Art of the Interview: How to find and court your story’s characters

Survive and Thrive in Freelance and Remote Work: Improve your effectiveness in your freelance solo act, side hustle or remote work environment