MVJ now offers Press Credentials!

Any MVJ member who is working as a journalist, whether part time or full time, may apply for a press pass with Military Veterans in Journalism.

A press pass is an important tool for any journalist. It allows you to identify yourself to agencies, event organizers and businesses. A press pass is a document that identifies its owner as a professional journalist, which is tremendously helpful when conducting in-depth research. A press pass makes access to events, blocked-off areas and a variety of information much easier. 

It is important to note that any press credential or ID will not necessarily entitle you to greater access than the general public. It may, however, help identify you to organizations and subjects who may be requesting such information.

Press Pass Criteria

To demonstrate that you qualify for a press pass, you must have a valid, up-to-date membership in Military Veterans in Journalism and your application must be accompanied by one or more of the following:

  • Evidence of one published print or Web site news piece within the past three years
  • One audio/video piece or a 10-minute feature broadcast in the past three years

Cost and duration

Cost of the Press Pass is $40, including shipping & lanyard. Once we process your payment order, you should receive your press pass in the mail within 21 business days. The pass will stay valid for 2 years.

Military Veterans in Journalism grants press passes at our discretion and reserves the right to deny or revoke a press pass for any reason.

You can submit your request for Press Pass below:

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