Educational institutions such as community colleges, universities, technical schools, and other places of learning are welcome to partner with us.

We have worked with a variety of educational institutions to create a range of educational and training opportunities for military veterans in journalism. We have also worked to find ways to increase veteran enrollment in university journalism programs through, for example, online webinars. Further, we have developed fellowship programs that put veterans to work after they graduate. 

Educational institutions working to recruit more veterans into their programs can turn to Military Veterans in Journalism to seek veterans who are eager to learn and grow as they transition into the journalism career field.


Areas of Potential Collaboration

  • Webinars About Your Educational Institution
  • Fellowships for Veterans in Journalism
  • Reporting and Writing Training
  • Video Storytelling Training
  • Podcasting Training
  • Data Journalism Training
  • Investigative Journalism Training
  • Creative Writing Training
  • Entrepreneurial Journalism Training

We look forward to partnering with educational institutions interested in serving the veteran community.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected] . There are other ways to get involved with MVJ.