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Sword and Pen – Jason Burrows: KUOW Producer/Announcer

By May 29, 2024Podcast

By Lori King, host of Sword and Pen

It was three years ago when I took a chance and responded to a tweet by MVJ seeking a podcaster to take over the Sword and Pen. 

I was a huge NPR nerd (still am). Instead of listening to music between my photojournalism assignments at the Toledo Blade newspaper, I listened to audio interviews by Terry Gross and Robin Young (just to name a few). Knowing where the future was heading with the popularity of podcasts, I was also teaching podcasting in my multimedia classes as an adjunct university instructor. 

So, I responded.

Hosting and producing the Sword and Pen has been one of the most satisfying ways to tell a story. There is nothing like chatting with like-minded military veterans who love journalism as much as I do.

But now it’s time to bid you all farewell because I am now gainfully employed … once again! I am the new editor-in-chief at the Toledo Free Press, a nonprofit, hyperlocal online newsroom that will challenge me like never before. Of course, we will have at least one podcast … probably two!

Navy veteran, KUOW producer/announcer & MVJ member Jason Burrows, pictured here at the mic.

This month’s podcast goes out to all of you radio folks out there. I hope you enjoy listening to my final Sword and Pen as much as I loved sharing the mic with my guest, navy veteran and radio producer/announcer Jason Burrows, of KUOW, an NPR affiliate in Seattle. KUOW is an NPR affiliate.

As with all the Sword and Pen guests over the years, he has quite a story to tell.

Listen as Burrows talks about:

  • how he broke into radio on the USS Abraham Lincoln
  • following his heart when he quit a secure fulltime job with benefits with a barge company for a less secure part-time radio job with no benefits
  • his roller blading podcast that lasted five years
  • valuable tips, tricks and advice for anyone wanting to break into podcasting and radio

As I begin my new journey as a newsroom leader, I end this blog post as I ended my Sword and Pen episodes.

You’re dismissed.