Job Description

You will be Military Veterans in Journalism’s first full-time staff member and will be critical to the success of MVJ over the next two years. You will lead and develop a number of the programs listed below. In addition, you will help MVJ grow and you will innovate using your creativity and entrepreneurialism. 

This contracted role is entirely remote. You will be expected to have regular internet and phone access wherever you work.

You will report directly to the executive director. Your work will be supported by a program assistant — who will be available to help with a range of tasks.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Administer four paid six-month fellowships over two years by helping to identify partner newsrooms and identify veteran fellows through a selection committee. You will engage both the newsrooms and the fellows on a regular basis.
  • Develop a monthly webinar series on career development.
  • Develop half-day virtual workshops with local and national newsrooms — one every two months.
  • Send a monthly email newsletter to MVJ members with various resources.
  • Train at least 60 veterans on radio production during four virtual workshops per year,  held in partnership with local and national news radio outlets.
  • Help MVJ seek new grants. Track grant deliverables and data.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Develop relationships with leaders of media outlets, non-profit organizations, philanthropic organizations and educational institutions in order to develop future partnerships. 
  • Conduct a range of research and writing for communication products. 
  • Engagement with the MVJ community.
  • Assist in internal and external communication efforts with the program assistant and volunteer team.   

This role requires flexibility. MVJ has a team of volunteers who complete a range of activities. You may be asked to step in to assist on a range of projects.  

Required Qualifications

  • Creativity / entrepreneurialism / self-starter / drive.
  • Team player. Kindness.
  • Experience managing people and projects. 
  • Strong writing capabilities. Attention to detail.
  • Motivated to serve the MVJ community.
  • 2+ years of journalism experience (including radio/podcasting, if possible)
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Partnership building experience.

Here’s what you should know about us

At Military Veterans in Journalism, we have four major lines of effort:

  • Mentorship: We connect military vets with seasoned journalists who guide the former service members on their desired career path. Mentors are critical to opening doors and leading to new opportunities in the media field.
  • Internships and Fellowships: We partner with media outlets like NPR to create opportunities for military veterans just getting started in the media field. Building a portfolio and a network of allies gets our veteran members set up for success as they navigate their careers in the news industry.
  • Career Development Events: We organize unique opportunities for veterans from across the country to learn skills from professional journalists, build relationships with human resources professionals who hire journalists, and visit media outlets.
  • Advocating for Vets: We educate newsrooms, journalism schools, and non-profit organizations focusing on journalism about the need to increase diversity through higher veteran representation. Veterans bring diverse vantage points and experiences, nuanced understanding of military and veteran life, and valuable skills to newsrooms.

You will be a critical part in all of this work. We’re excited to see how you help sustain and grow the organization. This will be a leadership role for people looking to push themselves and achieve great things for the veteran community. 

Compensation and Benefits

This role is 40 hours per week and is funded for two years. The selected person will be paid between $50-60K per year, based on experience. This role is an at-will 1099 position so we will not be withholding any income taxes from your salary. The role does not include medical benefits. This person will not work on all federal holidays. This role is 50 weeks per year. The remaining two weeks are left for the contracted employee to use as they please.  

We will work organizationally to raise funding to continue employment after the two year period but cannot guarantee employment after this period.

How to apply

The deadline to apply is November 26.

To apply, please email your resume to [email protected] with a few paragraphs in the email on why this role interests you and why you think you would succeed in it.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, country of origin, citizenship, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other category protected by local, state, or federal laws.