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Empowerment Through Storytelling: Writing Trauma-Based Narratives Respectfully

Empowerment Through Storytelling: Writing Trauma-Based Narratives Respectfully
January 11, 2024    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join us for a webinar with MVJ member Terace Garnier on January 11th at 6 PM EST! Garnier, a seasoned reporter and former Air Force broadcast journalist, recently shared her story in a new book, “No Longer Silent.” Now, she’ll speak with fellow MVJ members about her career, her book, what she learned during the writing process, and how to respectfully cover trauma to empower a subject. You won’t want to miss the insights on long-form writing and handling trauma narratives you’ll gain in this session!

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About the Speaker

The first Pentagon Correspondent for “Newsy,” Terace Garnier also worked for Fox New’s DC bureau. Garnier enlisted in the Air Force in 2010, as a Broadcast Journalist. As such, she produced, shot and anchored news stories. Terace earned a Masters degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism, from Syracuse University. She makes time for community service: fund-raising pageant-scholarship money, mentoring women, and raising money for vaccines for underprivileged children. Most importantly, she uses her experience and influence as voice and advocate for women’s rights, promoting awareness, speaking out against sexual assault in the military, and supporting other survivors.

Terace’s life has been a testament to resilience and triumph. From enduring unimaginable horrors at a young age to facing abuse, trauma, and even a rapist that led to the end of her Air Force career, Terace has faced adversity head-on. Her book, “No Longer Silent,” invites you into a world of perseverance, triumph, and the indomitable human spirit. As she narrates her story, you’ll be prompted to discover the true strength within yourself.