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MVJ Announces First Membership Voice Board Member

By December 27, 2023News

Welcoming Kyra Davenport to the MVJ Board of Directors.

December 27, 2023 — Military Veterans in Journalism welcomes Army veteran and freelance journalist Kyra Davenport to its Board of Directors. With a deep and varied range of experiences across military service, journalism, entrepreneurship, and community engagement, Davenport brings a vibrant perspective to the Board as MVJ’s first Membership Voice Board Member.

Davenport is an entrepreneur with three exciting small businesses: a trauma-informed yoga business named Reset Yoga Collective LLC, a communications company, KD Communications LLC, and a vegan food truck launching in 2025 named Happier Vegan LLC.

Davenport is an Army veteran with 12 years of service in the Army. She has more than a decade of experience as a freelance reporter and working as communications professional for the government and private sector, during which time she has written for DC-based local news outlets, LA-based magazines, and has worked on a broadcast news for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. She has also covered the Obama Administration as an independent blogger. As a graduate of Tuskegee University and Howard University, Davenport enjoys community service and assisting veterans in the DC and New Orleans communities in her free time. She also loves teaching yoga and eating local vegan cuisine.

As a member of the Military Veterans in Journalism community, Davenport steps into this new role ready to advocate for MVJ members and guide the organization in service of its membership. She will carry out a two-year term as the Membership Voice Board Member and hopes to be of service to the MVJ community.

“To be a leader is to be a servant. As long as I am serving my community and doing something that makes someone’s life and overall quality of life better then I am operating in what I feel is my chosen purpose,” said Davenport of her new role.

Military Veterans in Journalism extends a warm welcome to Kyra Davenport as she joins the MVJ Board of Directors in this new role. We look forward to the collaboration, innovation and community insight that her presence will bring.