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Sword and Pen – James LaPorta | Investigative Reporter

By February 28, 2024Podcast

By Lori King, host of Sword and Pen

On this episode of Sword and Pen, host Lori King speaks with investigative reporter and former marine infantryman James LaPorta, who, after exiting the military, broke into journalism by cold calling editors and agreeing to work for bylines.

You are about to hear an inspiring story of how LaPorta, with no journalism experience or degree, tenaciously built a journalism career working for multiple mainstream news outlets, the first being the Washington Post.

LaPorta, who was recently laid off from The Messenger, also shares his story about that sudden job loss. The Messenger was a startup nonpartisan news website that hired more than 300 journalists and, in less than a year, laid them all off with no warning. He was the national security and military affairs reporter.

Listen as LaPorta talks about:

  • how he became a contributing writer for Hollywood, including This is UsFBI and Chicago P.D.
  • how he covered his two award winning stories
  • how he broke the story of contaminated water on the USS Boxer, a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship of the United States Navy
  • and what it’s like to have a military reporting beat

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