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Veteran To Join City Limits as Part of MVJ-INN-Newmark J-School Collaboration

By December 28, 2023News

Military Veterans in Journalism is pleased to announce Navy veteran Chris Janaro’s selection for a nine-month fellowship with City Limits, a nonprofit newsroom identifying urban problems and exploring solutions through the lens of New York City. Thanks to support from Craig Newmark Philanthropies and help from the Institute for Nonprofit News, this fellowship will allow Janaro to expand his portfolio after graduating from the City University of New York’s Newmark J-School.

This fellowship is part of a collaborative effort between MVJ, CUNY and INN that began in 2021. Veterans who are members of MVJ apply to attend Newmark J-School’s 16-month M.A. in Journalism, M.A. in Engagement Journalism or M.A. in Journalism with a bilingual concentration. Upon graduation, these MVJ members are hired by newsrooms that are members of INN — a national network of nonprofit, nonpartisan news organizations. The fellowships allow these individuals to build portfolios of journalistic work and form a network of peers, while the educational component gives them the foundation for career success.

MVJ member and Navy veteran Chris Janaro will join the City Limits team after his recent graduation from Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. Photo courtesy of Chris Janaro.

“As a career changer, I am grateful for MVJ’s support and encouragement since day one of this incredible program for aspiring veteran journalists,” said Janaro of this opportunity. “I am excited to work for such an esteemed non-profit newsroom as City Limits, which will allow me to seamlessly transition into a full-time reporting role that serves the common good. Knowing this serves as a great motivator, and I can’t wait to get started!”

As a fellow with City Limits, Janaro will cover zoning, land use and development in the New York City area, with a special focus on how these issues affect the city’s veterans. He is the first MVJ member to receive a fellowship under this program.

“Veterans are vastly under-represented in the news media despite our nation having been at war for more than 20 years,” said Zack Baddorf, MVJ’s executive director. “This partnership creates a unique opportunity for military vets to get a jump-start into the news world, where their lived experience, expertise and public trust are desperately needed.”

Craig Newmark Philanthropies has previously supported MVJ in partnership with the Poynter Institute with a fellowship program and online educational training. Most recently, the philanthropic organization has supported MVJ’s Counter-Disinformation Program, which aims to counter the spread of disinformation and extremist propaganda within military and veteran circles.

One fellowship slot remains in this program for veterans interested in furthering their career and education. Interested applicants should first apply with Newmark J-School and plan to complete their 16-month master’s degree program. For more information, please see our earlier release on this program.

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