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Finding an Internship

By April 26, 2019December 27th, 2023ACP, Resources

This resource is provided by American Corporate Partners, which aims to ease the transition from the military to the civilian workforce. ACP is a national nonprofit organization focused on helping returning veterans and active duty spouses find their next careers through one-on-one mentoring, networking and online career advice.

Finding an Internship

Internships are a great way to acquire professional experience or even a reference while you are still a student. Whether your internship is paid, unpaid, or for college credit the experience and connections that you make an intern can be invaluable.

Determine which internship is right for you:

  • • This internship predictor is a great tool to help narrow down the type of internship that is best for you (Note: you do have to create an account, but it is free).
  • also provides a great tool to focus your internship search (Note: you do have to create an account, but it is free).

How to find an internship:

  • Your College/University: Talk to your school’s Office of Career Services for internships opportunities. If you are applying for a summer internship, it is never too early to get started on the application process.
  • is a comprehensive internship search engine. Narrow down opportunities according to your major, field of interest, location and desired company.
  • is a great site for non-profit internships.
  • compiles internship listings from many sites and allows you to sort by keyword, industry and location.
  • Research Companies which have specific programs for hiring veteran interns.
  • Some of your favorite companies may have veterans initiatives.

Tips to enhance your internship search: