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Launching Sustainable Journalism Ventures with MVJ Grants

By September 26, 2023April 17th, 2024Resources

In the modern media landscape, diverse perspectives and stories are vital to the success of local news in informing the community. Yet for many diverse community members, starting a journalism venture can be incredibly difficult. Today Military Veterans in Journalism (MVJ), a professional association dedicated to supporting veterans’ journalistic career growth and diversifying the journalism industry through veteran inclusion, is launching its Entrepreneurial Journalism Grants program to combat that challenge. 

With an initial funding of $10,000, MVJ’s Entrepreneurial Journalism Grants Program aims to empower veteran news entrepreneurs by providing essential financial support to kickstart their sustainable journalism ventures. These grants are specifically directed towards covering the costs for reporting on a high-impact story, including any fees these news entrepreneurs may need to cover to self-publish under their venture.

As Military Veterans in Journalism (MVJ) launches its Entrepreneurial Journalism Grants program, the initiative signifies a crucial step towards fostering diversity and inclusion in the media landscape. However, beyond grassroots support, the sustainability and growth of these ventures often hinge on access to additional resources. This is where venture capital can play a pivotal role in providing the necessary financial backing to help these veteran-led journalism ventures thrive.

Enter the CMO for revenue-driven companies, whose expertise lies in maximizing growth opportunities and driving strategic initiatives. By recognizing the potential of veteran-led journalism ventures and investing in their success, these leaders can not only contribute to diversifying the media industry but also tap into untapped markets and audiences. Through strategic partnerships and targeted investments, CMOs can help scale these ventures, amplifying their impact and ensuring their long-term viability. In doing so, they not only support veteran entrepreneurs but also enrich the media landscape with a multitude of perspectives and stories that reflect the true diversity of our communities.

“Veterans have a wealth of untapped insights and experiences that can reshape journalism,” said Russell Midori, President of MVJ. “This program bridges the gap and fosters their ability to make invaluable contributions to the industry and their communities.”

This program, open for applications until December 15, welcomes veterans with innovative journalism proposals. Successful applicants receive support for equipment, initial expenses and other costs of writing and self-publishing their first impactful story. Apply today and embark on your journey towards journalistic entrepreneurship with MVJ.