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Military Veterans in Journalism Joins in Launch of Bedrock As Founding Partner

By November 27, 2023Resources

MVJ joins a group of diverse national organizations as part of this new bipartisan collaborative partnership aiming to fight hate-fueled violence across the United States.

Military Veterans in Journalism announces today it is joining Bedrock, a bipartisan organization with the goal of preventing hate-fueled violence and disrupting the normalization of extremist groups in the United States. As one of Bedrock’s founding partners, MVJ joins an impressive list of supporting organizations that will help guide the organization in its goals.

Bedrock is the operational culmination of a nationwide listening tour launched at the White House United We Stand Summit in September 2022 by founding organization This tour consisted of interviews with hundreds of stakeholders across 50 states, U.S. territories, and tribal lands. Interviewed stakeholders included hate-fueled violence experts, practitioners, and targeted community members, each of whom provided insights about what could reverse the increasing trend in hate-fueled violence.

MVJ joins Bedrock as an addition to MVJ’s counter-disinformation program, which aims to counter the spread of disinformation and extremist propaganda in veteran and military communities. The organization will collaborate with other founding partners of Bedrock to implement prevention tactics across communities recruited for violent and extremist acts. They will also work together with the partners to disrupt the normalization of such violent acts within the military and veteran spaces.

The list of founding partners spans 51 national organizations, each with a diverse focus and community, coming together across political lines to combat targeted violence. MVJ has previously worked with several of these partners, including Task Force Butler Institute, to train journalists on researching bad actors and countering extremist recruitment efforts via journalism.

MVJ remains committed to the nonpartisan nature of its counter-disinformation program and hopes this partnership will enable future successes in preventing veterans from becoming the targets of extremist recruitment.