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Military Veterans in Journalism

Building Community. Supporting Career Growth. Advocating for Vets.

Military Veterans in Journalism is a professional association that builds community for vets, supports their career growth, and advocates for diversifying newsrooms through hiring and promoting more vets.


Partner Testimonials

When people join the military, they think of the risks of combat, if they'll be brave in the face of the enemy, and if they'll be true to their brothers. But somehow ... we seem to find creative ways to poison otherwise healthy people we ask to defend our country. I've worked with Military Veterans in Journalism to prepare veterans to go out into newsrooms to speak about responsibly covering veterans issues and to call for a more thoughtful, concerted effort towards understanding and investing in coverage that affects change.

Dan ClareChief Communications & Outreach Officer | Disabled American Veterans

A lot of people that have served in the military are also telling these stories and training people who've actually experienced it, as opposed to ... I think the media in this country oftentimes are excited when they get to embed, and they get to fly to a place, and they get to sit in a tank.

Jon StewartHost | The Problem with Jon Stewart

Veterans who are journalists are fantastic resources. The fewer the veterans, the more important it is for non-veterans to be also reporting on and learning this space.

Kathleen H. HicksDeputy Secretary of Defense | United States Department of Defense

When there is coverage [of the military], it's broad coverage without actually looking into what that means. There are a number of organizations working on this, in particular Military Veterans in Journalism ... We need more people to bring more veterans into the newsroom because you create a more robust coverage of the military.

Ron NixonVice President, News & Head of Investigations, Enterprise, Partnerships & Grants | The Associated Press


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